From Day to Dusk - Dressing up for Winter

November 20, 2017

Blue Fur Feather Hooded Gilet

We’ve all been stuck in our daytime outfit for a last minute night out and in winter this can be a fashion disaster. If you don’t have time to get home and change outfits before meeting with friends, then these versatile tips can help you out.


A Change of Shoes

Shoes often dictate what we think of a look, high heels can take a pair of jeans from drab to fab in a few seconds. The perfect pair of heels can match with just about any outfit or you can even slip on some sequin trainers to add to your look.

Ladies ShoesYou’ll find that lots of women keep a spare pair of formal or informal shoes at work for this very reason. They do say first impressions are judged by your footwear so don't be caught out this Winter. 




Statement Accessories

This season, it’s all about eye-catching, statement jewellery to go with those party outfits. Simply adding a necklace or bracelet to your outfit can really take it up a notch. Conversely, if you want a more classic look then a simple chain or bangle can change your look completely.

Remember that these don’t need to be expensive; there are plenty of high street retailers with collections that emulate those in jewellery shops. We love changing up our outfits with a quick restyle of our jewellery, you’d be surprised how much of a difference this can make.

Style Your Hair 

Bobble HatsAn elegant up do or messy braid can change your look to fit in wherever you may be going. If you don’t have the time or the tools to style your hair then a fur bobble hat or headband can make all the difference.  

Braiding your hair earlier in the day can mean you have those effortless waves making their way out from under your hat. You could even keep your hair in braids for an even cuter look, as braids and hats are a match made in heaven.


Grab your Party Bag

Changing from your functional day to day bag to a smaller party bag can make a huge change to your outfit. Leave your big bag in the office and just take the essentials out on the town with you. 

All you really need for the night out is a purse and your keys, the rest can wait until the next day.
Furry clutches or sequined purses are making a big come back for Christmas this year, so don’t be afraid to move out your comfort zone with these accessories. 


With a few accessories like these, you can go from a day at the office to a night on the town with ease. There’s no need to be caught out with the wrong outfit ever again!

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